Become stronger and more explosive with this 12-week program’


For who? The Grind 12-week program is for those who are wanting to test their limits and are running out of workout routines that plateau too quickly. Do you want to develop your muscle power at all costs to be stronger, more explosive and more efficient in your sporting activity? This program is made for you… It’s a complete program that will help you both improve your muscle mass, strength, and power while preventing injury.


Words from the founder

This program is for those who seriously want to progress their game. Aside from getting a fantastic program; tailored to increase strength and explosiveness, you are joining a community of people like yourself. No one likes training alone, and that’s something you will never do again as a member of AFU!



The Grind program is divided into three 4-week phases, for a total of 11 different sessions; each aimed at a specific goal to develop your muscle power. After purchasing this guide, you’ll be added to our private social media group and get access to the community to like, share, and take the journey together.

In this community, Steeve, one of our personal trainers, will answer all question in relation to the program and help you reach your goals. All Before and After photos will be posted on our social media, so please send those in.

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  • hunger to achieve more
  • better and stronger physique in 12 weeks

Words from the trainer

This 12-week program is divided into three 4-week training phases, each aimed at a specific goal in order to develop your strength. With over 11 different sessions, it’s a complete and rich program that will help you both improve your muscle mass, your strength, and the ability to apply that strength with speed.


This workout is going to take everything you got in the tank. They do not call it the grind for anything, there’s going to be days when you think you can take it easy but think again. You must out work your competition if you want to be on top, and those who take the path most traveled are the same scrolling through social media or watching the post season matches at home. 12 weeks of pure determination to separate yourself from the average player.

Take your game to the next level with AFU. EMBRACE ‘THE GRIND’.