Ignition program- Introductory to bodybuilding


  • professional training programme by successful trainers from US
  • this program will allow you to build solid foundations
  • 4-week real introductory program to bodybuilding
  • try one week for free
  • you will also get access into our internal social media where you can share your progress



What is the Ignition program?

Ignition program is a 4-week programme for everyone who has not been working out a long time or wants ‘Introduction into bodybuilding’. It will give you basics about working out but more importantly, you are going to get stronger and ready for every game. Even though Ignition program sounds like for amateurs, advanced athletes might struggle too! Are you ready to take this to the next level?

Who is the Ignition programme for?

You are on this website because there is something inside you wanting more, looking to break through and find your potential. Well look no further, AFU is just what you need to unleash that potential to find your path with American Football and Life. This 4-week program will show you what you can accomplish with a little commitment!

The Ignition program is just what you need to knock that rust off and get you primed to make some significant changes to your overall health and fitness. We have dedicated hours of our time and mixed in our experiences to create this program. This is only the beginning of your journey with AFU, and we are looking forward to seeing all the successful gains!

What will you get?

After purchasing this program, you will get a shout out on our social media platforms. The most important feature that you’ll get from this program is the hunger to continue the journey. You will see just what a little commitment, hard work, and the right instructions can do for you.


  • access to internal social media where you can share progress with the members and coaches
  • support from the coaches via social media
  • hunger to achieve more
  • improved physique in 4 weeks

Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood has left you. If you want to maximize your results, you might as well put in the work. You are investing in yourself when purchasing this program, and to not give it 100 percent is a waste of your time. Pain is temporary, so get a reward from it! 28 days to get primed up and take your fitness to the next level.

Ignition’, the spark you need for your work out goals.

Why Purchase a training program from AFU Hub?


Taylor Brown, CEO

I created AFU for the main reason of progressing the game that has made a huge impact on my life. I want to share with people everything I have learned with this sport. I noticed there was a lack of people committed to really creating a community of American Football who have grew up with the sport for 20+ years. Don’t get me wrong, the current people committed to growing the game here in Europe are doing a fantastic job, however, they are only focusing on the senior leagues, and most countries are overlooking the youth and those who cannot afford the huge financial commitments to be apart of the programs.

American Football is a game that takes more than having the best kit or having a few great players, this game takes 22 guys who are truly committed to the team, as well as committed to developing their game off the pitch.

I have built an amazing team with AFU, and we are dedicated to creating the focal point for everything American Football in England, with the overall goal of being the place to be for anything American Football in Europe.



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