Match Day Snacks

Match Day Snacks 


We are generally looking for snacks that are high carb and low fibre in order to get lots of energy without feeling bloated and over full. E.g:

  • Bananas – packed with quick release energy as well as lots of vitamins and minerals
  • Rice cakes with Jam – a tasty mix of carbs that won’t leave you feeling bloated before matches
  • Carbohydrate gel – these provide a really fast releasing carbohydrate and fit easily in your kit bag without having to worry about squashing food! Some also contain caffeine which can reduce perception of fatigue and effort


We are looking for high carbohydrate snacks to keep energy levels up. E.g:

  • Jelly sweets – these are sugary so ideal to keep energy high
  • Lucozade sport – real bang for your buck, providing good levels of carbohydrate as well as helping to keep you hydrated


Generally we are looking for 20-25g protein alongside at least 40g carbohydrate to kick start the recovery process and replenish energy stores, which is particularly important if you are exercising again soon after matches. E.g:

  • Greek yoghurt, granola and berries – yoghurt provides a good mix of fast and slow release protein while the granola and berries contain carbs to help replenish energy
  • Yazoo milkshake – these contain an almost perfect amount of protein and carbohydrate to kick start your recovery
  • Protein bars – the name says it all, these contain a high amount of protein which is ideal for helping the muscles recover after matches. Some also contain a good amount of carbohydrate too!

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