A Winning Culture

A Winning Culture

What does it look like? And really, what does it mean?

We all hear the phrase with frequency. “We need a winning culture.” But each time this is spoken, I rarely hear much depth to elaborate on what this looks like, or what it really means—in football, the boardroom, and life.

So let’s dig a little deeper.

Most know that I like to use analogies. So, consider the image of a cloud. The entirety of particles within the cloud comprises a winning culture. Stick with me here. This means everyone within the space is focused and dedicated—100 percent—toward the overall goal. And consequently, what thrives within the cloud’s center, cushioned and protected by the winning culture surrounding it? Therein lies true success.

To be successful, it requires a winning culture. Success necessitates an environment comprised of like minds, equal efforts, accountability and a consistently driven desire for excellence. This is the championship mindset.

If we surround ourselves with champion-minded individuals, the center of true success can be achieved. If the environment or culture surrounding your circumstances is not comprised of persons driven by excellence, the inconsistency can (and likely will) pull weight away from the center, weakening the heart of success.

So surround yourself with the right players—on the field, in the boardroom and in this thing called life.

And if a winner falls?

Sometimes those creating a negative pull simply need encouragement and redirection. Life happens. We all get tackled at some point. But great leaders pick up those who have fallen. And great players can be ‘re-balanced’ again. These are sometimes the best players you’ll find.

So, for the greatest chance of success? Surround yourself with the right environment. Dive in to the creation of a winning culture, where everyone is 100 percent invested in wanting to be the very best in everything they do.

Ready to achieve your goals?

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