Bucket Theory 1 of 10


My players, past and present, know what it means to ‘fill your bucket.’

Now you can learn it, too. I hope you’ll follow our 10-step approach to filling your own proverbial bucket. Whether you’re a football coach, business manager, a parent or student, these 10 principles apply to you—no matter who the players/teammates in your world may be.

What does ‘fill your bucket’ mean?

Over the years I’ve had players with incredible physical talent but who lacked in heart, leadership, and effort. I’ve also had players whose physical talents were far from stellar, but who consistently showed heart, leadership and 100% effort.

Guess which players I started?

Yep, you guessed right. The ones purposefully guided by inner heart, leadership, and effort. Who gave every ounce of their being. They were filling their ‘buckets’ with the habits of future champions.

So where do we start?

Step 1: Positive attitude + body language.

It all starts here. While this may sound obvious, it’s profound. All effectiveness, in any area of life, begins with this. Attitude and body language work together to create an infectious ‘presence’ that speaks far louder than words. 

As coaches, we must portray a positive, optimistic outlook—no matter the circumstance. Our attitudes affect everything—from what we say to how we respond. It colors all we see and do, affecting body language and the ‘essence’ of our presence.

Attitude is a choice. Body language is a choice. And both scream louder than vocal cords ever could. Why? Because your players watch. Players observe. Your presence can be effective, or it can be toxic. You choose.

Act as you want your players to act. Portray the attitude of a winner; of calm reason, quiet diligence, tough perseverance, and openness to improvement. Be real. And always remember those you wish to mold are watching—and they’ll emulate the leadership you portray. Don’t like what you see from your team? Start first by looking in the mirror.

Lead like a champion before uttering a verbal word. Mold and perfect your ‘presence’—and then watch the contagion spread.

And may the droplets begin to fall within your players’ individual buckets, as well as your own.

Ready to achieve your goals?

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