Blueprint of an All-American

Blueprint of an All-American

The first part of this Series is going to be one phase, ‘committed to the grind.’ With this series you will acquire the necessary tools to improve your game from all aspects.  Apply my tips and become the hardest working, most consistent player on your team!

You must have a purpose

If you are playing competitive American Football and do not have a goal at being the best, then you might as well hang up your cleats. This game is not meant for simply turning up on the day and expecting to beat your opponent. You must put in the work on and off the field. This article is 1 of a 5-step series, which is going to discuss the blueprint for becoming All-American Caliber player. This is from my own experience as a Football player and what I did to go to the level I’m at.

The problem

The sport of American football in Europe and especially England is on the progression. The problem is the lack of player development. I know there are NFL camps and all these showy gigs to get players to pay for services, however, this sport is a mind set that you cannot pay for. This takes hard work and a willingness to commit to a system.

The benefit of growing up in a nation that this is instilled in from young, allows Americans to have a second nature of the sport. The mentality you need for this sport is learned over time and is not for the weak minded. You must accept that a weekend camp is not going to drastically improve your skills and you will need to build a solid foundation. Not saying do not go to these events, but just accept its going to take years to perfect a craft.  The next section will cover two areas with some personal tips from myself on what I did to get to my level of play.



You must have the mind set daily and you must constantly focus on your goal. Once you lose the commitment, everything will begin to crash, and you will begin to allow complacency into your journey. Complacency is the destruction of all progress and it is a hard place to come out of once you sink into it for too long. This is where the first tip comes into action.

Constantly revisit your goals because goal setting is not a ‘one and done’ sort of deal… it’s a continuous task until you reached to desired goal. I would write my goals on a dry erase board and then once it was accomplished, I would write another goal… not only would I write the goal, I would attach action plans with each goal to help me stay on path and increase my chances at success.

Another focal point of commitment comes from committing to your team. YOU MUST BUY IN, this is a team sport and in order to be the best player, you must be the best team player. As my coach always told me, ‘Do your job and trust your teammates will do the theirs’. If you are trying to do to much, or decided that you know better than the system the coach is installing… you will fail, and your teammates are not going to support you….You will more than likely get taken out for a player who will listen and will be committed to being a team player.

Set Routines

You also need to set routines around becoming a great football player. I would always fit a workout in a day. During  the off season, I would work out twice a day… always a morning lift to get my day off right and then an evening lift following training. Routines simply help you stay on track without making much of an effort. The initial effort is just getting into the routine of things and before you know it, you have a consistent schedule with the gains.


Like previously mentioned, this is a piece of my series on becoming a better player (mentally and physically) from my own personal experiences. I’m not saying I’m the best player, but I feel I have something to offer to players looking to improve their game.

To end this off, I would like to hear some of your routines with American Football? How do you get ready for a game, what is your week like weight lifting and nutrition wise? Comment below, maybe someone can add what you are doing to their routine to improve.

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